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EREAGLE will launch a new Eagle Eyes E2 series HD Trail camera in June 15, 2017     More...
The company activitiy in 2017 (Beijing Office)     More...
climb the mountain Chinese traditional culture --- Lion Dance ...
Customers compared ERE-E1 to SONY ALPHA 350 digital camera , Ere-E1 shows excellent color reproduction     More...
Customers compare the image that taken in two different place, from the point of view comparison results, ERE-E1 has a more realistic color reproduction. In ensuring clarity and color reproduction of the premise, ERE-E1 will use less storage space. More information, please click below link to view. https://poradniklowiecki.pl/84-nowosci/1206-ereagle-e1-fotopulapka-nie-tylko-dla-mysliwych.html ...
EREAGLE Football match with our supplier     More...
The football match June 23, 2016 15:00 at six Zhenyefootball stadium was held successfully. In the course of the match, all the players are not afraid of hardship and tired on the court fully reflects the sense of teamwork and tenacious competitor. At the same time, our players are consciously abide by the rules of the match, carry forward the friendship first, competition second sports spirit.  Two teams have good logistical and our captain are very responsible, as well as teams of "cheerleaders" for the field athletes cheer, fully reflects the spirit of good corporate teams. The tournament full play to the effectiveness of physical activity, reflecting the people's cohesion and solidarity. First, strengthen cultural exchanges between enterprises of both sides to each other, and the enterprise collective sense of honor here has been fully reflected; Second, the corporate rich extracurricular activities, while giving members a keen soccer chance to show themselves. Third, we promote the exchanges and friendship, everyone's skills match also been improved. Two teams in the race very well. Two companies are very recognized each other, communicate with each other deeply, deeper lay the foundation for future development. ...
8 Trail Camera Tips That Will Help Produce Better Results     More...
There is no denying that trail cameras can be an effective scouting tool which can lead to the demise of your biggest whitetail buck ever or simply a little more meat in your freezer. However, if your game camera isn't used properly it won't deliver either one. Here's 8 trail camera tips that will help you get better results this year. Don't Look At The Sun Your mother probably told you the same thing. However, when it comes to game cameras that advice is still prudent. Nothing will drive you crazier than checking your trail camera only to find dozens (sometimes hundreds) of images of nothing but sunlit vegetation. The reason? Heat and movement. Facing your camera into the sun will result in the temperature changing (rising/falling) in conjunction with the summer/fall breeze blowing vegetation&nb ...
The company activitiy in 2015     More...
The whole company go to the forest club for outdoor expansion on Apr,15th,2015 ...
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